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High precision high yield polyurethane foaming equipment disc mold production line

Equipment features:

This production line mainly use for polyurethane foaming machine produce it is much higher to improve the production line capacity and automation

Its structure is simple and reasonable, the accuracy is high, the operation is simple, the humanized design conforms to the requirement of modern enterprise more, can improve the efficiency to save labor.

. adopt continuous cycle to the operation is simple and smooth operation, high efficiency than manual system, easy maintenance can be according to the different requirements of customers, the mold number and production orders different disc production lines, can design according to different requirements of customers.

Detailed description characteristics:

A. The equipment needs only two workers to complete the operation of the production line.

B. Compared with other similar machines, the secondary equipment can save 65% of the power.

C. The mould adopts pneumatic mold to reduce labor and cost, while reducing the waste generated in operation;

D. Metering pump and electrical components adopt imported devices, which fundamentally improve the operation reliability and service life of the equipment.

E. The function is comprehensive, practical, the operation is more convenient.