polüuretaanist kõrgsurve vahustamismasin pu ukse vahtmasin masin

polüuretaanist kõrgsurve vahustamismasin

polyurethane high pressure machine(two components)

1.The requirement of high pressure machine is more and more important in Polyurethane production fields .The need machine's price is low so as to save the cost .

2.The A series machine satisty these requirement and resolve the production question in minor enterprise .

3.Excet the ones that use and pack the material are employed specially, "A" model is used other kind of polyurethane foam product extensively now ; Form adiabatic low density polyurethane hard bubble to auto industry and soft bubble in furniture industry , expect it forming the leather products from imitating the timber.

4.In addition, in order to lower the impact on environment and satisfy the customer to use modern technology to replace the low pressure machine ,"A" series high pressue machine is the best choose .

5. is the practical embodiment of developed and designed that Henghui adopt the most advanced technology

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Töötlemisviis: vahustamismasin, vahustamismasin
Seisund: uus
Toote tüüp: vahtmasin, polüuretaanseadmed
Päritolu koht: Jiangsu, Hiina (Mainland)
Firma nimi: EMM
Voltage: 3*380V
Power(W): 36KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3500*2200*2200
Weight: 2000KG
Sertifitseerimine: ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2000
Garantii: üks aasta
Müügijärgne teenindus: insenerid, kes saavad kasutada masinaid välismaal
Output: 60-600g/s
värv: koor ja sinine
Mixture ratio: 1:1